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Justification Technical Study (JTS) for Change of land use in forest lands


The Justification Technical Study is a document which the interested party must submit together with the request for authorization of land use change in forest lands before the competent authority: ASEA or SEMARNAT, when it is intended to carry out the total or partial removal of the vegetation of forest lands to be used for non-forest activities or when such removal is carried out on burned forest lands, certifying that the forest ecosystem has been fully regenerated

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Land use change in forest lands

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Land use change in forest lands


What is your legal basis of the JTS for land use change in forest lands?
Articles 7, section 5; 12 section XXIX, 16 section VIII, 58 section I and 117 of the General Law of Sustainable Forestry Development; Article 11, 19, 138-153 of the Regulation of the General Law of Sustainable Forestry Development; and articles 5, section X, 7 section VII of the Law of the National Agency for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection.
How is it delivered? (What is offered to the client)
A detailed study is delivered based on the Guidelines for the Preparation of Technical Justification Studies (JTS), which must be submitted to ASEA or SEMARNAT, as appropriate, for evaluation and approval.

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