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Operating License

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Operating License

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Operating License


What is the operating license?

La licencia de funcionamiento de una empresa es la certificación expedida a nivel municipal por el ayuntamiento para el lugar donde se ubica el establecimiento de la empresa y que autoriza el inicio de la actividad en dicho establecimiento.

Who must present the Operating License?

The updating of the operating license must be submitted by individuals or legal entities to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) that operate fixed sources under federal jurisdiction and have an Operating License in terms of atmosphere, so that the regulation in the matter of atmosphere when there are changes in its industrial processes, increase the annual production, or others.

What is a low-impact order?

Low-impact commercial establishments are those that are characterized by the sale, lease, distribution of goods or provision of services and that due to their own characteristics are prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages.

Some examples of this type of order would be: hospitals, medical clinics, preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, high school, mechanical repair shops, tinsmithing, painting, clothing, prepared food, public parking, public bathrooms, massages and gyms, Internet cafes, Children’s party halls, stationery stores, grocery sales, groceries in general with the sale of alcoholic beverages in closed containers, their consumption being prohibited inside the establishment, prepared food sales service, they may exclusively sell beer and table wine for consumption with the prepared foods established in your menu card, from 12:00 to 17:00 hours.

What is a Neighborhood Impact order?

The activities carried out in acommercial establishment, which due to their characteristics cause transformations, alterations or modifications in the harmony of the community.

Examples of neighborhood impact order are: Party Rooms, Restaurants (Sale of prepared food, sale of alcoholic beverages in open packaging and indoor consumption), Lodging Establishments (Hotels, Motels, Hostels), Private Clubs, Movie theaters with or without sale of alcoholic beverages, theaters and auditoriums

What is a Zonal Impact order?

Commercial establishments whose main business is the sale and / or distribution of alcoholic beverages in open containers and / or by drinking, for consumption in the interior, other than business transactions, are considered Zonal Impact.

In the establishments of zonal impact, the services of sale of prepared food, live music and recorded or video-recorded music, television, rental of parlor, table and billiards games may be provided, as well as cultural events, artistic manifestations of a scenic nature. , cinematographic, literary or debate and will have space to dance or to present shows, without having to enter new Permission Request to the System.

The commercial establishments of Zonal Impact may not be located less than 300 meters from the educational centers, as well as where the Urban Development Programs of the Federal District that establish the housing use H.

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