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Risk analysis

We support you with your Risk Analysis, through the application of methodologies for the identification of hazards, risk scenarios, quantitative risk analysis and technical recommendations (preventive measures and security systems).

Risk analysis

Our Services

To accomplish with the environmental legislation, we provide consulting in:


Preparation of the study


Simulation of risk scenarios


Recommendations derived from the risk analysis


Our experience in this transact will allow you to comply successfully and without risks,

Risk analysis

Our work

Risk analysis

We are a consulting firm with extensive regulatory and environmental experience in different sectors at the national level. More than 500 clients recommend us.

Risk analysis


What is a Risk Analysis?

It consists of the application of the most appropriate methodologies for the identification of hazards, evaluation and analysis of risks, allowing the identification of hazards and evaluating the risks in the processes, documenting the existence of safety systems and devices and / or risk reduction measures for eliminate, prevent, control, minimize or mitigate risk scenarios to a tolerable level.

What is the objective of a Risk Analysis?

Carrying out this study has the following objectives:
Identify hazards, ranking and risk assessment.

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