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Environmental Justification Technical Study

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Justifying Technical Study

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Justifying Technical Study

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What is Justification Technical Study?

The Justifying Technical Study is a technical document, intended to demonstrate that any activity that involves the removal of forest vegetation will not disturb the biodiversity of the affected ecosystems or modify the quality of the water or decrease its catchment.

What are the requirements for a Technical Justification Study?

The Justifying Technical Study must comply with:

  • Show that the project does not compromise biodiversity.
  • It will not cause soil erosion.
  • Avoid the deterioration in the quality of the water or the decrease of its catchment.
  • Long-term land use change alternatives are more productive than the previous one.
  • Authorization to change land use cannot be granted on a burned-down land without 20 years having passed.
  • The authorizations that are issued must comply with the provisions of the corresponding ecological zoning programs, the official Mexican standards and other Mexican legal provisions and other applicable legal and regulatory provisions.
What are the general guidelines in relation to changes in the use of forest land?

SEMARNAT transcribes the general guidelines in relation to changes in land use of forest lands and defines them as follows:


  • Forest land: that which is covered by forest vegetation.
  • Preferably forest land: one that, having been, is currently not covered by forest vegetation, but due to its climate, soil and topography conditions, it is more suitable for forest use than for other alternative uses, excluding those already urbanized.
  • Forest vegetation: The set of plants and fungi that grow and develop naturally, forming forests, jungles, arid areas, and other ecosystems, leading to the development and balanced coexistence of other natural resources and processes.


¿Cuál es el fundamento del Estudio Técnico Justificativo ETJ?

The ETJ must state that the various provisions contemplated in the applicable federal regulations in relation to the processes of land use change in forest lands have been carefully reviewed and constitute the direct axis through which the different sections of this Study were prepared; in particular, taking into account the provisions of Article 121 of the Regulations of the General Law of Sustainable Forestry Development.

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