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Environment impact manifestation

We support you with the preparation of your Environmental Impact document throughout Mexico and all types of projects, for the two modalities established in the LGEEPA: Regional and Private.

Environment impact manifestation

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Environment impact manifestation

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SASISOPA (Industrial safety, operational safety and environmental protection management system)


What is the Environmental Impact Statement?
The Environmental Impact Statement is a document prepared based on technical studies that analyzes and describes the environmental conditions prior to the completion of the project in order to identify and evaluate the potential impacts that the construction and operation of said works or the Carrying out activities could cause the environment and define and propose the necessary measures to prevent, mitigate or compensate for these alterations.
Who works and activities require an Environmental Impact Statement?
The General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection (LGEEPA) indicates in a general way the aforementioned works or activities, as listed below (LGEEPA, Art. 28):

Hydraulic works, general communication routes,
Oil pipelines, gas pipelines, coal pipelines, multiple pipelines;
Industria del petróleo, petroquímica, química, siderúrgica, papelera, azucarera, del cemento y eléctrica;
Exploration, benefit of minerals and substances reserved to the Federation;
Facilities for the treatment, confinement or elimination of hazardous waste, as well as radioactive waste;
Forest exploitation in tropical forests and species of difficult regeneration;
Changes in land use in forest areas, as well as in jungles and arid zones;
Industrial parks where highly risky activities are expected to be carried out;
Real estate developments that affect coastal ecosystems;
Works and activities in wetlands, mangroves, lagoons, rivers, lakes and estuaries connected to the sea, as well as on its coastlines or federal zones;
Works and activities in protected natural areas under the jurisdiction of the Federation;
Fishing, aquaculture or agricultural activities that may endanger the preservation of one or more species or cause damage to ecosystems, and
Works or activities that correspond to matters of federal competence, which may cause serious and irreparable ecological imbalances, damage to public health or ecosystems, or exceed the limits and conditions established in the legal provisions relating to the preservation of the ecological balance and protection of the environment.

Who has to make a Regional Environmental Impact Statement?
The Regional Environmental Impact Statement applies when it tries to:
I. Industrial and aquaculture parks, aquaculture farms of more than 500 hectares, roads and railways, nuclear power generation projects, dams and, in general, projects that alter hydrological basins;
II. A set of works or activities that are included in a partial urban development or ecological zoning plan or program.
III. A set of works projects and activities that intend to be carried out in a specific ecological region,
IV. Projects that intend to be developed in places where, due to their interaction with the different regional environmental components, cumulative, synergistic or residual impacts are anticipated that could cause the destruction, isolation or fragmentation of ecosystems.
Who has to make a Particular Environmental Impact Statement?
The Manifestation of Particular Environmental Impact refers to all other cases not referred to in the Regional modality.
How do I know if I should submit a Preventive Report or an Environmental Impact Statement?

Preventive report. It will be required to present a preventive report and not an MIA, in the case of works or activities that adjust to any of the following situations (LGEEPA Regulations, Art. 29):

I.- There are official Mexican standards or other provisions that regulate emissions, discharges, the use of natural resources and, in general, all relevant environmental impacts that the works or activities may produce;
II.- The works or activities in question are expressly provided for by a partial urban development or ecological zoning plan that has been evaluated by the Secretariat;
III.- In the case of facilities located in authorized industrial parks.

What is an Environmental Impact Assessment?
The Environmental Impact Assessment is the procedure through which the Secretariat establishes the conditions to which the performance of works and activities that may cause ecological imbalance or exceed the limits and conditions established in the applicable provisions to protect the environment and preserve and restore ecosystems, in order to avoid or minimize their negative effects on the environment (LGEEPA, Art. 28).
What is a Unified Technical Document?
Unified Technical Document (DTU). When the evaluation implies, in addition to the works or activities that require authorization of environmental impact, also require the change of land use in forest lands and also require authorization for the use of timber forest resources, the Unified Procedure of Change of Forest Land Use, for which the DTU will be prepared that integrates, for its attention in a single procedure, the information of the impact manifestation and the justifying technical study that is indicated in the General Law of Sustainable Forest Development (LGDFS, Art. 93) and in its Regulations (LGDFS Regulations, Art. 121).

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