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Geological Studies

We support you with your Geological Studies with our team of engineers. Experience, quality and personalized attention for your projects.

Geological Studies

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To accomplish with the environmental legislation, we provide consulting in:


Geological analysis of the site of interest.


Our experience in this transact will allow you to comply successfully and without risks,

Geological Studies

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geological studies

We are a consulting firm with extensive regulatory and environmental experience in different sectors at the national level. More than 500 clients recommend us.

SASISOPA (Industrial safety, operational safety and environmental protection management system)


What is a Geological Survey?

It is a document that analyzes the geological characteristics of the physical environment affected or altered by a specific activity.

In what phase of a project is a geological study necessary?

In the phases prior to the project, it helps to study the economic and technical feasibility.
In later phases it is required depending on the type of project

What is the objective of a geological survey?

It is to provide sufficient geological information to study the different technical options and the economic viability for the development of a project.

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