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Calibration and Telemetry Certificate

Environmental technical consulting for your Calibration and Telemetry Certificate to guarantee safety and reliability according to the pre-established quality standards according to the applicable standards.

Calibration and Telemetry Certificate

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Calibration and Telemetry Certificate

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Calibration and Telemetry Certificate


What is a calibration certificate?

A calibration certificate is a physical or digital document that contains the results of the calibration of an instrument, such as a balance or a thermometer. The product of a calibration is the ratio of an instrument’s readings to the values indicated by a standard. It is possible that these instruments, once calibrated, are used to measure others, in which case the collated instruments will in turn serve as standards.

At what stage do I require a Calibration and Telemetry Certificate?

· Pre-start

· Operation stage


Based on what regulations do I choose my dispensaries related to the Calibration and Telemetering Certificate?

To comply with your Measurement Management System (SGM) it is necessary to calibrate your dispensaries based on NOM-005-SCFI-2017.

What are the equipment that is calibrated in your Telemetry system?

· Volume sensor

· Temperature sensor

What is the difference between Calibration and Verification?

Calibration is a document in which the results of a measurement comparison against a reference standard are issued and in the verification the They carry out activities for the assessment of conformity through ocular verification or verification, through sampling, measurement and / or laboratory tests.

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