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Airtightness Tests

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Airtightness Tests

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Airtightness Tests

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Airtightness Tests

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Airtightness Tests


WHAT IS A Airtightness TEST?

Tightness tests are carried out on fuel storage tanks and product lines.

In which part of the facilities are the Airtightness tests carried out?

Two Airtightness tests will be carried out on storage tanks; the first will be pneumatic and will be done before covering the storage tanks and pipes, the second will be done with fuel stored in the tank. Testing must be performed by an accredited testing laboratory.

How are the leak tests carried out?

Fixed systems consisting of electronic leak detection and inventory control system equipment or mobile systems that apply volumetric and non-volumetric test methods will be used.

The person in charge of the Service Station must ensure that the equipment of the inventory control system and electronic leak detection operate in optimal conditions at the different levels of product in the tank.
The results obtained from the tightness tests carried out with fixed or mobile equipment will be recorded in the log and the original will be kept in the file of the Service Station, and will be exhibited to the Agency when requested.
With the results of the airtightness tests of tanks and accessories, it will be possible to identify if maintenance activities are required, if applicable, determine the actions to carry out the temporary suspension of the tank, the definitive withdrawal and replacement with new equipment.
In the event of any leakage in storage tanks being detected when applying the hermeticity tests, they will immediately be withdrawn from operation and will adhere to the provisions of the applicable legislation on prevention and comprehensive waste management.

Where the foundation of Airtightness tests is set for service stations?

Numerals 6.3.6, 8.5.1 and 8.10.1

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